Buy Classic Power Leveling 1-60


You'll get:

  • Power-leveling 1 - 60 (boost for your character)
  • Fast Mode 14-21 days (without options))
  • Extra Mode 10-14 days (if chosen)

What will you get with our service WoW Power-Leveling 1-60:

  • Your character will reach Level 60
  • Your WoW Power Leveling order will be done not longer then in 22 days after sharing your character to us.
  • Possible leveling from other levels, for example 3-40 20-30, 48-60 and others. The price will be different. Contact the operator for further details.
  • Also, we can work at a convenient time, which will allow you raiding, play RBG and live a normal gaming life. However, the duration of leveling can increase.

Notes for leveling service WoW Power Leveling 1-60:

  • No gear requirements.
  • This WoW Leveling service is provided only through account sharing.
  • Option Live Stream: you can watch the process in real time.
  • If you will chose option "VPN" then we will use VPN of your country so it will looks like you just logged from another PC.
  • Your character will be hand-leveled by experienced WoW player.
  • For account sharing we need login and password from your account.
  • We guarantee the safety of your account.

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