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Mage Tower Challenge Carry

What will you get with our WoW boost service Mage Tower Challenge:

  • You will get Mage Tower Scenario completed
  • Also you will get Challenging Artifact Appearence unlocked and A Challenging Look
  • You will complete one of 7 challenges depending on your class and spec.
  • This service is provided only through account sharing
  • Tank Challenge check this option if you need to do any of tank specs
  • I need pre-quest option if for those who want us to make a pre-quest to get the Mage Tower Challenge avaliable
  • Gear my character for MT Challenge is the option to gear up your character for Maget Tower Challenge
  • I need all specs done: chose this option if you need Mage Tower Challenge for all specs
Notes for WoW boosting service Mage Tower Challenge:
  • You need level 110 character. If you don't have level 110 character - you can take a look at power leveling services
  • 800 Nethershards and 2000 gold for consumables (flasks, potions, drums)
  • Boost itself takes 20-30 minutes
  • Item level of your character must be 905-910+.
  • 52 Artifact level or higher
  • To attempt the challenge, character's region must have constructed the Mage Tower on the Broken Shore (this building is up and will exist for 3 days). Otherwise we will mark your order as "pre-order" and will do it as soon as this condition is met
  • It is strongly recommended before you place an order, contact with our operator to clarify the requirements for your character

Mage Tower Carry for nowadays is the most popular WoW solo boosting service. And Mage Tower Challenge boost is without any doubt the most exciting, interesting and difficult challenge in the WoW Legion expansion. We will help you to prepare your character for this boost. Or we will do mage tower carry if he is already strong enough

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