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Legion Power Leveling 100-110

What will you get with our service WoW Power Leveling 100-110:

  • Your character will reach Level 110.
  • Your WoW Power Leveling order will be done not longer then in 24 hours after sharing your character to us.
  • In case you have chosen 12 hours option, our driver level your character in less than 12 hours.
  • Possible leveling from other levels, for example 45-100, 103-110, 107-110 and others. The price will be lower. Contact the operator for further details. Character Leveling
  • Also, we can work at a convenient time, which will allow you raiding, play RBG and live a normal gaming life. However, the duration of leveling can increase.

If your character an absolute new in the World of Warcraft and you are not going to spend your time on the long process of leveling, then especially for you there is an option "leveling 1-100" with ETA 4-5 days

Notes for leveling service WoW Power Leveling 100-110:

  • No gear requirements.
  • This WoW Leveling service is provided only through account sharing.
  • Option Live Stream: you can watch the process in real time.
  • If you will chose option "VPN" then we will use VPN of your country so it will looks like you just logged from another PC.
  • Your character will be hand-leveled by experienced WoW player.
  • For account sharing we need login and password from your account.
  • We guarantee the safety of your account.

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