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Buy power leveling service Legion Advanced Gear Package

What will you get with our power leveling service Legion Advanced Gear Package:
  • Leveling of your chosen character from 100 to 110 level
  • Your chosen character will get at least 2 legendary items
  • Item level of your character will grow up to 930 item level
  • Artifact for your chosen spec will get more 65 traits
  • We will make fully upgrade of your class hall so you will be able to wear 2 legendary items at once
  • And finally we will do an Argus Storyline

You can choose "without power leveling 100-110" option if your character already has 110 level boosted and you only need to gear 930 item level, 2 legendaries and artifact traits

Notes for power leveling service Legion Advanced Gear Package:
  • This service is availible only for Legion accounts
  • This service is provided only through account sharing
  • Our booster will use "Do not Disturb" status in game and will not reply to any of wispers on or in game.
  • For account sharing we need login and password from you account.
  • Also we need you to remove authenticator from your battle net account or cancel mode “ask code each time i login”, and provide us code.
  • It's only necessary for the time that we make your order

Power leveling service Legion Advanced Gear Package takes from 2 to 4 weeks, but sometimes (rarely) farm of legendary items can take a bit more time due to random chance of drop

Without any doubt, power leveling service Legion Advanced Gear Package is the best offer for those who are about to start conquering a new continent.

In other case you can always try our simple power leveling service to explore the quality of our services

Start playing with our power leveling services and World of Warcraft will surprise you again

If you have any questions we are always ready to answer trough the live chat on our site or via skype: lucky.boost

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