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Violet Spellwing - Argus Heroic Mount

What will you get with our WoW boost service Violet Spellwing - Argus Heroic Mount:

  • Our boosters will help you to kill final boss from Antorus The Burning Throne in Heroic Mode
  • You will get guaranteed mount - Violet Spellwing that drops from Argus the Unmaker
  • Chance to loot Pantheon's Blessing: item used to upgrade the Pantheon trinkets that drop from Argus the Unmaker, the last boss in the Antorus, the Burning Throne
  • Chance to loot 955 item via Personal loot
  • Great chance to get one of the Legion Legendary item.
  • Piloted Play: one of our boosters will play on your character. Online stream is available and free option for this type of service
  • Selfplay: you will play on your character by yourself
Requirements for Violet Spellwing - Argus Heroic Mount:
  • You need level 110 character. If you don't have level 110 character - you can take a look at our power leveling services
  • You can also use Seal for additional drop or you can ask and we will do it

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