Antorus The Burning Throne boost, Tomb of Sargeras boost, The Nighthold boost, The Emerald Nightmare boost.

The company Blizzard realized the sixth expansion of the World of Warcraft called Legion. The great story, new class Demon Hunter, new champions in Class Halls, the Artifact weapons and the new continent – all this exist to keep your attention. And as usual high-end content - new raids: Antorus The Burning Throne, Tomb of Sargeras, The Nighthold and The Emerald Nightmare.

For each of this raid boosts we guarantee at least 7 items for 7 slots with Master loot option. We do raids every day and have 24/7 support team. Our team will help you easily get all the necessary achievements, mounts, transmogrification sets and of course, the newest sets of epic gear from this raids.

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