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Buy WoW boost service Glory of the Hellfire Raider

What will you get if you buy PvE boosting service Glory of the Hellfire Raider:

  • Piloted Play: one of our boosters will play on your character. Online stream is available and free option for this type of service
  • Selfplay: you will play on your character by yourself
Notes for WoW boosting service Glory of the Hellfire Raider:
  • You need level 70 character on any EU server. If you don't have level 70 character - you can take a look at our power leveling services
  • No gear requirements.
  • This WoW PvE boost is provided through account sharing or you can play by yourself.
  • For account sharing we need login and password from you account.
  • Also we need you to remove authenticator from your battle net account or cancel mode “ask code each time i login”, and provide us code.
  • Our booster will use "Do not Disturb" status in game and will not reply to any of wispers on or in game.
  • It's only necessary for the time that we make your order

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